Thank you from your winner, Ciarán

Well, then. The past two weeks have been silly amounts of fun, so much so that I barely noticed the time fly by. The students asked really clever and insightful questions, weathering such a blizzard of curiosity wasn’t easy. I still don’t think winning has sunk in yet, but I’ll be talking with other scientists pretty soon about how best to use the prize money to talk about science with the public. Sincere thanks to Victoria, Áine, Lydia and Eoin for the mountain of answers they gave everyone, I think I learned as much from their answers as I managed to teach anyone else! At times it felt like a mini science conference, only better hours and less mucking about with travel expenses. You guys rocked. Thanks for teaching me a bit about your fields of expertise. Many thanks to the organisers, funders and moderators for setting everything up and … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

The students have spoken. The votes have been double counted… Big congratulations to the Boron Zone winner: Ciarán O’Brien Hard luck to Lydia Bach but a huge thank you to everyone who took part. You were all brilliant. Students, don’t forget to tell us what you think about science now you’ve taken part. Log in to your profile, and fill in the 4 questions in the pink box on the right hand side, to be in with a chance to win a voucher.

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The next scientist out is…

We’ve counted, checked and rechecked the votes and now reveal it’s game over for… Eoin Carley This leaves just “Curious, creative, chaotic” Lydia and “Too many puns” Ciarán to fight it out for the €500 prize tomorrow. Who would you like to see win tomorrow’s final battle? VOTE

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The second scientist evicted is…

We’ve counted the votes and you’ve now evicted… Aine Broderick The scientists left standing after tomorrow’s eviction will battle it out in Friday’s final. Who do YOU want to see in the final? VOTE – vote for your favourite! Students, has taking part changed your view of science and scientists? When you next log in and visit your profile, you’ll see a blue box with 4 questions on the right. Fill in the questionnaire to be in with a chance to win a voucher.

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The first scientist evicted is…

The first scientist you’ve evicted is… Victoria Simms One scientist will be evicted every day this week, and you get a new vote each day. Make sure to VOTE – vote to keep your favourite in the competition. A student in each zone will win a voucher for asking great questions! And remember, you can comment on questions the scientists answer. Do you think the scientist is right? Do you disagree with them? Tell them!

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