Thank you from your winner, Ciarán

Well, then.

ciaranobrien-wThe past two weeks have been silly amounts of fun, so much so that I barely noticed the time fly by. The students asked really clever and insightful questions, weathering such a blizzard of curiosity wasn’t easy. I still don’t think winning has sunk in yet, but I’ll be talking with other scientists pretty soon about how best to use the prize money to talk about science with the public.

Sincere thanks to Victoria, Áine, Lydia and Eoin for the mountain of answers they gave everyone, I think I learned as much from their answers as I managed to teach anyone else! At times it felt like a mini science conference, only better hours and less mucking about with travel expenses. You guys rocked. Thanks for teaching me a bit about your fields of expertise.

Many thanks to the organisers, funders and moderators for setting everything up and making sure everything went smoothly. It can’t have been easy to coordinate that many schools, organisations and scientists across the world, but by gum you guys managed it with aplomb, and nary a panicked message in the Staff Room chat. Kudos.

The lion’s share of the thanks has to go to the teachers and students involved, though. Thank you teachers for caring enough about science to sign up and encourage their students to ask questions, and thank you students for being so enthusiastic about it all, it was a joy to chat with you all. The educational system can make it difficult, but please, please hold on to that curiosity and enthusiasm as you get older; the world will be a better place if you guys keep asking clever and thoughtful questions, whatever career you end up in.

Finally, thanks for making the last two weeks so much fun, and for voting for me. It’s been a blast.

Be excellent to each other,


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